Brand "Urban Heroes Store" is a store of designer clothing, shoes and accessories!
The main task of our project - to anyone, no matter what kind of music he listens to and what interested in life, found a thing in the shower! That's why we want to combine several seemingly incompatible styles in one space. At various points in their lives, any of us, selects appropriate clothing. Camping with family or friends, we wear sweatshirts, baseball caps, sneakers and loose pants. Going to work, we put on shirts and suits. Going to a club is not an event, presentation or any other celebration - we want to look bright and festive, choose evening dresses, bright jackets and jeans. By purchasing clothes in shop "Urban Heroes Store" - you'll stand out from the crowd, which would not have been and what would not engage. In any moment of your life, you will always be in the spotlight!

Urban Heroes - The Heroes of our time

  • Artem Kulagin
  • Katerina Topchyi
  • Zaur Guseynov
  • El Numero 9
  • Tatyana Zacerkovnaya
  • Elvira Lepikhina
  • Magnetiq11
  • Alexandra Brodskaya
  • Sevn Layers
  • Alexandra Severin
Order by individual standards
Order by individual standards